A Short Guide To The Book of Common Prayer

At the beginning of the Book of Common Prayer is the table of contents.  Here you can find page numbers for all the services. Rite One is traditional language and Rite Two is contemporary language.  At St. Matthew’s we use the Rite Two services along with more contemporary liturgies which have been permitted since Jan. 1, 2020.

For personal prayer you are invited to read The Daily Office which includes scripture, psalms, canticles and prayers including devotions for families:  Morning Prayer Rite Two Pg. 75, An Order of Service for Noonday Pg. 103, Evening Prayer Rite Two Pg. 115, An Order for Compline Pg. 127

The Collects are short prayers for each Sunday, for holy and saints’ days and various occasions.  The Rite Two collects begin on Pg. 211.

Our church year follows a calendar based on the life and teachings of Jesus.  During the year we will celebrate special services:  Ash Wednesday Pg. 264, Palm Sunday Pg. 270, Maundy Thursday Pg. 274, Good Friday Pg. 276, Holy Saturday Pg. 283 and the Great Vigil of Easter Pg. 285

Holy Baptism on Pg. 299 is the beginning of a person’s journey of faith.  It includes blessing of the water, laying on of hands, anointing with oil

The Holy Eucharist is the primary way we celebrate on Sundays. This service generally begins on Pg. 355.  Our communal prayers – The Prayers of the People begin on Pg. 383 and the Eucharistic Prayers begin on Pg. 361 rotate during the year. Throughout the year we may also use different prayers and liturgies which will be seen on our TV screens.

Pastoral Offices are church services focusing on commitment.
These include Confirmation Pg. 413, Celebration and blessing of marriage Pg. 423, Reconciliation of a Penitent Pg. 447, Ministration to the sick Pg. 453, Burial of the dead Rite Two Pg. 491


Episcopal Services have to do with ordinations: 
Bishop Pg. 512, Priest Pg. 525, Deacon Pg. 537

The Psalms begin on Pg. 585

Prayers and Thanksgivings for specific events begins on Pg. 810

An Outline of the Faith (Catechism) Pg. 845

Historical Documents of the Church Pg. 864

Readings for Holy Days Pg. 921

Readings for Various Occasions Pg. 927

The Daily Office Lectionary to be used with Morning, Noon, Evening Prayers Pg. 934

Use your BCP – It offers spiritual guidance for each day!

Use it at church services.

Use it for Private meditation and prayer.

Use it in good times for joy and thanksgiving and in tough times for courage and strength to sustain you.

Stephanie EhrmanA Short Guide To The Book of Common Prayer