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Devotion 2

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Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families are devotions that can be performed at home, work, vacation, etc. They are designed to be lay-led so there is no need to find a priest.

They may be done by yourself or with others, and they provide a great discipline to maintain our focus on God between our corporate worship services.

The Devotions cover four times of day – Morning, Noon, Evening, and End of Day. They can be found in the Book of Common Prayer on pages 136-140.

These devotions follow the basic structure of the Daily Office of the Church.

When more than one person is present, the Reading and the Collect should be read by one person, and the other parts said in unison, or in some other convenient manner. (For suggestions about reading the Psalms, see BCP page 582.)

For convenience, appropriate Psalms, Readings, and Collects are provided in each service. When desired, however, the Collect of the Day, or any of the Collects appointed in the Daily Offices, may be used instead.

The Psalms and Readings may be replaced by those appointed in

a) the Lectionary for Sundays, Holy Days, the Communion of Saints, and Various Occasions (BCP p.888)

b) the Daily Office Lectionary (BCP p.934)

c) some other manual of devotion which provides daily selections for the Church Year.

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