Children and Youth Christian Education

Our Children and Youth Christian Education Programs are currently suspended due to Covid. We will resume Christian Formation when it is safe to do so.

St. Matthew’s aims to meet the needs of all age groups through our strong Christian formation program and to provide a safe and nurturing Christian environment for children and youth. Your child is so important to us and we will do our best to meet their needs when left in our care. We are committed to quality care and are always available to talk with parents to ensure that those high standards are being met.

St. Matthew’s loves to see children in church but understands that it is not always possible. Nursery care is offered for our smallest parishioners along with a child-friendly worship service for preschoolers through age six during our regular worship in the Christian Education wing. This service has been tailored to their age and level of comprehension. As part of this service, they are taken to the church to participate in our weekly Eucharist.

St. Matthew’s values the role of children and youth in our community. We offer many opportunities for young people to engage in church life. Children and youth are active participants in our worship service assisting as ushers, acolytes, readers and singing in the choir. Recognizing that young people are on their own journey of faith and need a place to explore that faith, their relationship with God, and with each other, our Christian Education programs for K-6 grades commence immediately following the end of the service. We utilize age-appropriate curriculums which teach the stories of our faith.

In addition to involving children and youth in our worship and offering a strong Christian formation program, we also strive to engage them in outreach projects and have organized outings to grow the bonds of friendship and fellowship.

As you get to know us, you will find many opportunities for children to be a part of this church, to work, play, learn, and grow with us.

Small Group Bible Studies

Currently our groups meet via Zoom.  If you are interested in our Adult Bible Studies, please contact Rev. Stephanie Pace at 440.526.9865 or for more information. Our groups are open to all, and you may join at any time.

Centering Prayer

Praying from the Heart is an Ecumenical Contemplative Group. The purpose is to introduce new people to Contemplation through Centering Prayer as taught by Thomas Keating, to form new groups to facilitate this journey and to promote the development of Contemplative Spirituality.

For meeting information please call the office @ 440.526.9865 or email:

Stephanie EhrmanEducation